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Where My Mind Crept

When I was younger

I lived in a land

Created all by my mind

And boy, it was never bland


I grew up surrounded by guardians

They lifted me up to my highest potential

Lowering me only with gentle guiding hands

Despite what the world said, it was existential


When I was alone I heard them call to me

Into a world that was unrecognizable

Endless blue skies and fields that weren’t weathered

After one small glance, my heart was tethered


Away from reality

Is where I began to strive

Living my life away from the chaos

In the shadow of the night

I thrived



At last back home, they noticed my eerily mystique

Locked up my mind

Declared me a freak

They tried all they could to keep my afloat

Not realizing the problem wasn’t me; it was the boat


Weary as ever

Tired of trying

To have a home ripped away

Feels an awful lot like dying

But continuing to try

In the hardship of changing

Shows an unwillingness to comply


Try as they might to change me

And rewrite my misunderstood thoughts

My imagination drifts me to better places

Safe corners of the world without kinks or knots


In the midst of midnight

I can feel my brain wracking

For a place that it once knew

Sometimes I can hear my old friends whispering

“Darling where are you?”


Still, each night passes away from my home

Empty dreams reenact my demise

Society listens with ears perched on my window

 Hearing my unrelenting cries

“I want to go back”

“I need to go back”

“Let me go back”