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Then, I Grew Up

I discovered a universe inside my own head

It was older than the galaxies and bigger than my dread

I would visit there often to gallop through the emerald hills

Free of guilt, free of pain, free of monsters, free of chills

I danced among the colors, under a sky of the most vivid blue

Everywhere I looked, beautiful flowers grew

I would swim in crystal waters and I never got cold

My lovely, joyous heart was completely turned to gold

                                            I never knew how lucky I was back then.

Because then my monsters came for me, so I hid, and I started to cry

I knew that if they found me, my world would surely die

Slowly, I crept away to a place no one could find

I found out I couldn't hide, the monsters lived in my mind

The next time I paid a visit to this wonderful world that I made

I found it covered in shadow, a land of perpetual shade

No more did flowers grow through the cracks of my once pure soul

I found only weeds, and thorns, and a heart as black as coal.

The grass was dead, the skies were stormy, and the seas had turned to black

And I never went back

                    I never went back

                                            I never went back