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Paper Plane

I am a paper plane

A folded, fretted figure

With bent wings

Bent by the befitting beauty

Imposed by my exteriors

I come in many shapes

A pointed dart

Or an intricate glider

My blank canvas

Held in heedful hands

Of tender trust

When I am thrown

I fly to a vibrant vision

Of fortunate freedom

High in the incandescent clouds

Guided by my own exploration

And free will

I pave an ever-climbing path

Wheeling and soaring

Through bona fide breezes

And feel a sweet emotion

From the glistening beauty

That rests beneath my wings

Yet the rushing wind sways me

In a rapid motion

And I am left to think quickly

From the unpredictable gust

Of life’s swift sensations

I am lost

In the endless world

As a memory without a mind

Or a torn and grounded

Paper plane

Deep in love

Or deep in grief

I plunge from the sky

Spreading out my wings

For the set of humble hands

That will hold me

Through the joy or the pain

Of my airborne descent