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Music in the Sky

Atop majestic hills I walk,

gliding on green with steady ease.

I hear the rustle of the leaves

as they sway playfully in the breeze.

I approach a tree as large as a mammoth,

as weary but stable strides progress.

Its branches caress me to their presence,

inviting me to stay and rest.


I suddenly spot a lone violin

that leans on the trunk, as still as a stone.

I pick it up with artistic wonder,

not to let my curiosity sunder.

Oh, solitary time has passed

without a love I thought would last.


I gently place the bow on the string

and play the piece that truly speaks.

The melody floats through my yearning soul

and raises my being above clouds and peaks.

The wondrous space is truly endless

and welcoming to all sisters and brothers,

so I sweep through the open sky

to cast the melody unto others.