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A Daydream

She leaped

Losing a shoe to the blazing molten

But fending off the scorching mountain as she landed softly in the dewy meadow

She twirled

Delicate bluebirds spun from her lacey hemline

Humming sweet melodies that traveled with the wind

She climbed

Her limbs molding into those of the tree

Leaves tickling her toes as she gripped the thickest branch

She swung

The branch anchoring her as her body flew

Until her hands released

She soared

The clouds cradling her

Sweet cotton candy caressing her taste buds

She dove

Descending from the mist

Landing on a fluffy cake amidst a pasture of savory desserts

She listened

Creatures chirped ethereal ballads

Lulling the content child into a lazy sleep

She awoke

A smile slowly traveling

From her mouth to her drowsy emerald eyes

She remembered

Etching her dream across the oily canvas

Reminiscing about the lava, trees, animals, clouds,

The beauty

Of a daydream