Imagine the Day

        It was the mid time of night and day, known as midnight. I tossed, turned and repositioned myself. It was no use, I could not sleep. Many times before this had happened but I wasn't tired at all in this case. I tried dreaming. No use. I tried hugging my stuffed animal. No use. My last resort it had never come to this. Imagining what the day would be like and what I would like it to be.

        Now, this day? That day? My day? That's what it would be. My day.. .would be sunny. Oh and the sky would be clear, really clear. I know it's impossible but from the skies above I would be given an ability to fly! I know what your thinking nobody can fly. Well this is my imagination so I chose what happens and what doesn't!

        I would take to the skies flying with all the sky creatures. Like birds and oh flying squirrels. Wait what? You won't let a girl fulfill her life long dream of flying with-keyword underlined-flying squirrels? Well if you are such a contradicter don't read my story then! Now that that is cleared up if you are still there, after I fly with the sky creatures, I fly to the ground. Then into my house. My warm and comfy house. And fall to sleep in my bed, just like in reality right now. Thank You for helping me get through my sleep!